We take Pride  
in Linthwaite

We are a local Community Group of diverse individuals who strive for a better community space to live in and much more!

Our main mission is:

“To make Linthwaite and surrounding areas a better,
quality place to live, work and ultimately be proud of.”


Pride in Linthwaite history 

The concept of Pride in Linthwaite was an idea born from one of the founding member’s walking their puppy which was endlessly chasing and picking up litter in its mouth. Rather than becoming angry about the volume of litter, they decided to pick litter on their dog walks, tackling different areas at a time. Stopping to talk to other residents, they soon discovered there were other individuals doing little bits around the village but with no collaboration or sense of belonging to a common cause. A local meeting was advertised and held in the local pub and initially 28 people attended, where it was agreed that such a group should be formed in order to make a difference in the community, and the rest is history.

Not content with tackling local grot-spots, a bloom team quickly formed, filling planters, troughs and hanging baskets. A local festival celebrating all things Linthwaite quickly followed. The group now has 5 sub-groups, allowing groups or individuals to drive their own initiatives, with the oversight of Pride in Linthwaite. Social activities have included curry nights, barbecues, local walks, picnics and are open to all members of the local community (and of course litter-conscious dogs!)


Our projects 

Keeping Linthwaite Tidy

Linthwaite Leadboilers Festival

Planning in Linthwaite

Linthwaite in Bloom

Youth Engagement in Linthwaite

What we do

Our activities include: