Leadboilers Festival

Bringing the community together 

The aims of the Linthwaite Leadboilers Festival are to stage a community led event in the village of Linthwaite to bring residents of Linthwaite and the Colne Valley together, to celebrate “all things Linthwaite”. It aims to embrace the history of the Leadboiler Folklore story and it’s place in the Colne valley and use it to create a unique identity for the festival and make people feel proud of the village and where they live. Our objectives are to be inclusive of the whole community of the Colne Valley, to express the beauty of Linthwaite village through a variety of media – music, arts, sports, games, pastimes, children’s and youth activities, crafts, pets, and to entertain and amuse patrons of the event.

Every year, our objective is to break even and to seek sources of sustainable cash to develop the festival year on year, including working with charity partners. A key part of the Leadboilers Festival is it should be as free to attend as possible, with calling on people’s pocket not the aim of the event. It should be affordable to the whole community and try and make things better for the village.

Helping Local Causes 

We go to great lengths to ensure the event is run safely with no risk to patrons and that all associated activities are legal and above board with the necessary permits in place and respect other festivals in the valley. We also aim to embrace the idea of giving something back to people who have less than others, akin to the story of Robin Hood, by using the event to enable patrons to support local charities that enhance the local area, and also embrace the diversity of Linthwaite, collaborate with local businesses and community groups for them to engage with the event and raise their profile within the area.

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